"If you will but believe that imagining creates reality, and there is no fiction, you can rewrite your life and give yourself and those within it beauty for ashes, gladness for mourning, and praise for faint-hearted. Believe in the reality of your unseen act, then watch it fulfill itself. If you have proof that imagining creates reality, it will not matter what others think. All that matters is that you try it and allow imagination to prove himself in performance."  ~ Neville Goddard




Tutorial About How The M's & N's Show How You Think & Process Information



Empowering You, Your Clients and Friends With Fundraiser Presentations


  • Adult Support Groups
  • Women’s Advocacy Groups
  • Non-Profit Fundraisers
  • Educational Services
  • Teen Support Agencies
  • Ethnic Diversity Advocates
  • Social Awareness Organizations
  • Health & Disability Services
  • Women’s Clubs Fundraisers
  • Fundraisers for Healthcare
  • Individual Family Fundraisers
  • Professional Association Fundraisers
  • College Fundraising Events

As a social group, non-profit or fundraising organization you work extra hard to find activities for your members that are meaningful to your clients but at the same time, deliver an exciting and entertaining experience for your guests. Congratulations because you’ve found a very unique form of entertainment for your special event that will generate much enthusiasm and a general feeling of good will.

Handwriting analysis appeals to individuals having diverse backgrounds because it has a magical, fun quality and everyone can participate. Persons of all ages, ethnicities and abilities can join in the fun while learning insights about their personalities and what makes them tick. It’s a joy to see the personal insights participants gain from my talks. Hire me to give an engaging presentation to your group and watch the walls come down as they relax and laugh and learn about what makes each person unique and valued.

If you have an Internet connection, a computer, tablet or smart phone along with a webcam, you can have me visit your venue with the Internet and the flick of a few buttons. Submit in advance or during the event the handwritten samples of your group members and be amazed by how accurately I can describe their personalities. It is so easy to organize and your membership will be impressed with your creative event.

My presentations are intended to be both educational and fun! Broadcast me onto your “Smart T.V.” or computer screen with a free Skype connection and I can give my engaging talk as if I were sitting in the same room with you. Know that you’ve arranged an interesting and fun-filled activity that will excite your members and teach them about a new discipline. Further, they will gain a new awareness of the different ways in which people approach a problem or situation thus bringing participants to a new understanding about the diversity of human nature.

In order to schedule an event with me send an email from the contact sheet below. Please include details about the event date, venue, time and location indicating the time zone that I will be broadcasting to and the number of people anticipated to be in attendance. Also send me your contact numbers and your Skype account for arranging a brief discussion to ensure that my presentation will meet your event goals.