Francis Bacon

Grapho-Therapy & EFT Tapping To Change Your Life!

Here, you will integrate the Law of Attraction with the power of your intention to create very specific changes in your handwriting.  Using this science, letters and ink connectors are strategically revised in order to diminish or delete personality traits and beliefs that are no longer serving your highest interests.  You may also imprint new pen movements into your daily journaling in order to create positive personality traits that support your activating and manifesting new career and personal life goals.  For instance, by changing the way you make your “t-bar”, you can truly transform your level of career success and how others perceive you in the workplace.  It is that simple, so why not give it a try and learn how your own handwriting is your best friend and ally for recognizing the fears that are holding you back from your best life, and how they can be overcome by handwriting new, letter, word and sentence formations on paper.

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