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Francis Bacon

Learn Handwriting Analysis on Line!

My on-line courses were created as an online series of courses presenting the fascinating discipline of handwriting analysis and its sub-discipline, Grapho-Therapy.

I offer introductory, intermediate and advanced level handwriting analysis courses and workshops via online imagery, audio/video lectures and seminar-style podcasts. My philosophy is to deliver easy-to-learn modules that train you about how one’s handwriting reveals specific personality characteristics of its author.  Practical and fun, too, graphology reveals the inner thoughts and beliefs of an individual and how you might better interact with that person given their character profile; their handwritten pen movements, when analyzed by a professional graphologist like me, can be key in helping you to predict how an individual is likely to behave in specific social environments and how best you can respond for mutual understanding and compatibility.

My goal is to provide you with the details and rules of handwriting analysis that are learned by professionals in the field.  I also offer a professional certificate of completion at the successful fulfillment of all course requirements.  By taking these classes, you will gain a strong foundation for this expertise in convenient, reasonably priced courses delivered via online video and telephone feedback tutorials.  Enroll now and impress your friends, co-workers and family members by giving them insights about their personalities as revealed in their handwriting. 

As an outcome of this class, you will empower yourself and others by understanding what makes people tick and how their mental blocks (in the form of outdated beliefs and false assumptions) thwart their success.  You will be able to offer customized coaching and advice that resonates with the person you are counseling, whether that be a complete stranger or a close family member.

Handwriting analysis is neutral in that you are not judging a person’s talents by their physical appearance or mannerisms, interaction style or the apparent temperament they show in public. You are simply objectively viewing the movement of ink on paper and this is a great method for presenting diversity sensitivity training sessions during employment team-building exercises.  Legal consultants, human resource professionals, business leaders, career coaches, educators and social workers all benefit from the insights offered by handwriting analysis individual assessments and group workshops.

The applications for this powerful predictor of personality are endless!  You might want to use the knowledge of handwriting analysis for yourself and deftly find clarity about your own personal traits that show strengths that fit a particular career or discipline you’d not considered prior. Further, you may wish to learn how to change your handwriting to help you in attracting new personal and professional opportunities.  Save yourself much valuable time and tuition in assessing your own interests and what careers might be most favorable given your unique talents, beliefs and temperament.  Or, gain clues about your new boyfriend or girlfriend to see if they show character traits that you’d like to see in your new mate.  To take this further, you might want to see the handwriting of your new in-laws, thereby understanding their needs and fears that could block a healthy in-law relationship.  As you can surmise, handwriting analysis has many applications, and it is a very valuable tool worth investing your time and money in learning about!

Finally, learn how to avoid the pitfalls of being made the unsuspecting victim to not very well intentioned individuals in your life.  For instance, save yourself much valuable time and angst by assessing your boss’ personality in their handwriting, thereby learning their true motivations and avoiding the pitfalls of misunderstandings that sabotage trust and career promotions.  See the relationship style of your potential love partners and easily find the perfect match for you!  Help your sibling or your child with some wise counsel that supports them in the way that best resonates with their interests and temperaments.  And see the truth about a potential business partner or employee and save yourself much time and aggravation in learning later that honesty is not one of their fine traits.

Grapho-Therapy To Change Your Life!  Learn Online Classes with “The Empowered Pen.”

After completing the basic, intermediate and advanced topics in handwriting analysis, you may wish to try your hand at the advanced level training in Grapho-Therapy, an off-shoot of the science of Graphology. 

Here, you will integrate the Law of Attraction with the power of your intention to create very specific changes in your handwriting.  Using this science, letters and ink connectors are strategically revised in order to diminish or delete personality traits and beliefs that are no longer serving your highest interests.  You may also imprint new pen movements into your daily journaling in order to create positive personality traits that support your activating and manifesting new career and personal life goals.  For instance, by changing the way you make your “t-bar”, you can truly transform your level of career success and how others perceive you in the workplace.  It is that simple, so why not give it a try and learn how your own handwriting is your best friend and ally for recognizing the fears that are holding you back from your best life, and how they can be overcome by handwriting new, letter, word and sentence formations on paper.

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